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Altaria / Jul 17, 2012
Eternal Gathering is an old guild, which was formed on Doomhammer EU early in Classic World of Warcraft.

In Classic, Eternal Gathering scored a few competitive raid boss kills, which included World 51st Ragnaros and World 30th Nefarian. Unfortunately, we failed to clear classic Naxxramas.
With improved guild management and better players, in TBC we killed M'uru pre-patch 2.4.3 and Kil'jaeden pre-patch 3.0, and thus completed the expansion and significantly improved on our Classic performance.
In WotLK we claimed some World top 30 kills, killed Yogg with Zero Watchers World 80th, Algalon World 99th, and rounded off the expansion by killing the Lich King with the 20% buff and Halion heroic World 56th.
Ulduar, one of the best raid instances ever, saw Eternal Gathering's strongest performance.